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Building and maintaining a beautiful smile for life requires a specific plan, along with ongoing care. The best defense against the perils that can damage your smile is prevention. With general dentistry and other treatments, your team at Dr. Patrick Fields' office will help you keep your beautiful, complete smile year after year.

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Periodontal disease (also called gum disease or gingivitis) refers to the infection of the supportive tissues of the mouth due to toxic bacteria found in plaque. Many individuals suffer from some degree of gum disease, and if left untreated, gum disease can cause tooth loss, break down of the soft tissue in the mouth and jaw, and other significant health problems. Dr. Fields focuses on preventive dentistry and assesses your periodontal health. If needed, he will conduct the appropriate therapy to restore your oral health.

Tooth Extraction

Every effort is made to keep all your teeth, as this is always the best and preferred solution. In the instance where a tooth cannot be saved, it may be recommended to extract the tooth. This extraction can be done here in our Cabot dental office instead of your being referred to a specialist in the area.

Tooth-colored Fillings

When the decay has been taken out of the tooth, it is replaced with "filling" material. In the past, amalgam (silver) fillings were placed into the cleaned-out portion of the tooth. With advancements in dentistry, you can now have tooth-colored fillings instead of silver fillings, resulting in a brighter, whiter smile. Tooth-colored fillings present several advantages to the patient compared with traditional silver fillings. First, Dr. Fields is able to blend composite shades and shapes in order to match your natural teeth nearly perfectly. Second, the tooth-composite bond actually serves to support the remaining tooth structure, preventing breakage and providing insulation against temperature changes. Finally, small- to-average-sized composites have demonstrated similar duration to silver fillings.


Many individuals clinch or grind their teeth in their sleep. Not only does this cause damage to teeth, but also it can lead to headaches, tension in the neck and shoulders, and even snoring or difficulty breathing. A nightguard is a flexible mouthpiece, customized by Dr. Fields, which protects your teeth and jaw while you sleep.


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