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Why do I need a dental crown instead of a filling?

Dental fillings are an excellent solution for restoring small areas of decay found in your tooth. By being proactive about your preventive cleanings and checkups with Dr. Fields, you can detect and treat most tooth cavities with dental fillings.

However, when your tooth has deeper decay or is cracked or broken beyond what a filling can restore, your dentist in Cabot may recommend a crown for you. A crown is shaded and shaped like your tooth and designed to fit over the remaining structure. It not only provides support and function so you can chew again, but it also blends flawlessly with your smile.

If Dr. Fields has recommended a dental crown in Cabot to repair your tooth, you mustn't delay your treatment. Tooth decay or a fracture can get progressively worse and could impact the root and nerve of your tooth. When this happens, it causes a painful infection that requires a root canal to preserve your tooth.

Dr. Fields diagnoses all treatment using a risk-based approach, so you can trust that it's the treatment needed to maintain your smile. If you have questions about tooth crowns, fillings, or the treatment we've recommended for you, we encourage you to contact your team at Patrick Fields, DDS today at (501) 941-2482 for more information.

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